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    University of Maryland
    College Park, MD 20742

    Master of Science
    Program in Applied Economics

    Dr. John Straub, Program Director

    College Park location
    1102 Morrill Hall
    Program Coordinator:
    Hardeep Chowdhary
    (301) 405-3557

    Washington, DC location
    1400 16th Street, NW
    Suite 140
    Washington, DC 20036
    Program Coordinator:
    Breana Dinh
    (202) 525-4308

    Master of Science in Applied Economics

    Quantitative Analysis for Evidence-Based Policy Decisions

    Our STEM-designated M.S. in Applied Economics is a carefully designed program offering rigorous training in quantitative analysis, economic modeling and econometrics. 

    More than ever,
    professorsorganizations and agencies need program and policy analysts who are skilled in evidence-based quantitative methods. Professionals who can understand and apply economic research are in high demand. A professional masters degree that gives you enhanced analytical skills will give you a valuable advantage in your work and expand your career opportunities. 

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    Ranked #1 Economics Master's Program in the US by TFE Times

    Tuition significantly lower than tuition at comparable programs

    STEM-designated program with a strong record of employment outcomes for graduates

    Read more about these and other highlights of our program.


    Application deadlines
    The application deadline for fall 2022 enrollment has passed, though it may be possible to consider late applications.  Interested parties should contact the program director, Dr. John Straub: Straub@umd.edu

    Applications for 2022 enrollment will be available later this summer.  The application deadlines for 2022 enrollment are:

    For domestic applicants seeking spring enrollment: Wednesday, December 16, 2022
    老王加速最新版: Spring enrollment is only possible for domestic applicants to the Washington, DC-based version of our program.  Spring enrollment is not possible for international applicants.  Spring enrollment is also not possible for domestic applicants who wish to pursue our degree in the semester-based version of our program in College Park.

    For international applicants: Wednesday, February 10, 2022
    Please note: We only sponsor F1 visas for students in our College Park location.  International applicants who would need The University of Maryland to sponsor a student visa are only eligible to apply for fall enrollment in our College Park location.

    For domestic applicants seeking fall 2022 enrollment: Wednesday, June 30, 2022
    Please note: Domestic applicants seeking fall enrollment can begin our program in our quarter-based program in DC, or the traditional semester-based program in College Park.  The curriculum is identical in both locations.  But most domestic applicants prefer the DC location because it's closer to employers in DC, and the quarter-based academic calendar is more flexible.

    Additional application information


    You can view a series of video presentations about our program.   

    Our STEM-designated Master of Science degree program is currently accepting applications for fall 2022 enrollment.  The online application is posted with additional information on the 极速安全ⅴpn安卓_极速vpv安卓_老王app下载2.2.8:2021-2-21 · 极速安全加速器app下载|极速安全加速器下载V1.5.16 安卓版_绿色... 极速安全vpn是一款全新的为安卓用户设计的vpn软伀,在这里不论是玩游戏、还是看国外视频都一键解决,是你手机必备软伀,还等什么赶紧下载吧!应用特色现在开始自由畅享... page of our website.